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12 Beauty Uses of Petroleum Jelly

Malvika Kulur
Petroleum jelly is used for many reasons. Some people use it to get rid of dry, scaly skin, whereas some use it as a makeup remover. This story discusses how one can use petroleum jelly for beauty-related purposes.

Wonder Jelly!

You can use it to remove stubborn mascara goop from your eyelashes without damaging or pulling out your strands!
Earlier when petroleum jelly was made, it was used by oil workers to heal their wounds. Later on, people started using it for other purposes like adding moisture to dry skin, as a treatment for cracked heels, removing finger rings if they are stuck, adding a shine to old shoes, and the like.
Today, men and women all over the globe use this salve for various beauty-related purposes. Due to the popularity of this brand, people refer to petroleum jelly as Vaseline. This story elucidates 12 uses of petroleum jelly.

Stubborn Makeup Remover

Usually, cleansers are pretty ineffective when it comes to removing long-stay makeup.
So, instead of scrubbing your skin with harsh chemicals, you can remove all traces of the foundation by using petroleum jelly. Just apply some of this jelly on your face, massage for a couple of minutes, and remove using cotton. You will find that the makeup easily comes off without damaging your delicate skin.

Rejuvenating Nails

Apply some petroleum jelly on your cuticles and nails. This helps in preventing your nails and cuticles from drying out during winter. All you need to do is just dab on a small portion of petroleum jelly and keep it overnight.

Moisturizing Your Lips

Use petroleum jelly as a lip balm.
If you want to make it tinted, then add some raspberry- or strawberry-flavored Kool-Aid to it. You can also melt the jelly a little, add in a few chocolate chips, mix it well, and use as a chocolate-flavored lip balm.

Eyeshadow and Blush Creams

If you have dry skin, and blush and eyeshadow dry your skin more, then mix these products with petroleum jelly. Doing so will turn powdered products into cream-based ones, thus, providing moisture to your skin.


Add some sea salt or brown sugar crystals to the petroleum jelly, and use it as a body scrub. This will help get rid of dry and dead skin cells (that are growing) and moisturize your skin, leaving it soft and supple.

Soothing Skin After Shaving

o prevent a razor burn or dry and irritated skin after shaving, dab on some petroleum jelly on your arms and legs. This will make your skin soft, smooth, and shiny.

Prevent Hair Dye Stains on Your Face

Dab some petroleum jelly on your forehead, ears, and your hairline to avoid getting stained when applying hair dye. This also protects your skin from chemicals that drip from the dyes.

Make Your Perfume Stay on Longer

Dab small amounts of petroleum jelly on the areas that you usually spritz perfume on. Doing so makes your scent linger on for a long time.

Growing Your Eyelashes

At night, just before bed, apply some petroleum jelly on your lashes. This makes them grow longer and healthier.

Keep the Lipstick Off Your Teeth

Before you apply your favorite red lipstick, take some petroleum jelly on a Q-tip, and apply it on your front teeth. This helps in making sure your teeth do not stick to your lips, keeping the lipstick off your teeth.

Moisturize Your Skin

You can use petroleum jelly directly on your skin, or you can mix it with your favorite moisturizer.
Apply it on your elbows to make the skin even and supple. Many people use it as a night cream for their face and feet. Apply a coat of this jelly on your feet, and cover them with socks. The morning after, your feet will be soft and supple.

Even Tan

Before you use a tan spray, apply some petroleum jelly on your arms and legs to avoid the tan from looking uneven. Tanning products spread better on skin that is moisturized well.
Apart from the uses of petroleum jelly mentioned above, one can use it for a number of other beauty-related purposes too.

Miscellaneous Uses

» You can dab some on your nails to make your nail polish look new, or you can apply a small amount on the tips of your hair to prevent split ends.
» Many women also use it to soften the skin around their eyebrows in order to ease the process of plucking and shaping them.
» Petroleum jelly helps remove the glue that gets deposited on the eyelashes when using false lashes.
» You can use it to contour your cheeks in order to give off the illusion that you have very prominent cheekbones.
» Apply it around your nails before putting nail polish so that you do not get any color on your skin.
» You can use it instead of mascara to give your lashes a voluminous and glamorous look. Also, remember to apply some jelly just under your eyebrows to complete the look.
» You can use it over your matte lipstick to give your lips a shine. Additionally, you can also apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly before donning on foundation or concealer so as to make it look light and not caked on.
Always remember to use clean hands when applying petroleum jelly to your face and other areas. Store it in a cool and dry place, and reap the benefits of this amazing beauty product. If you feel any irritation after using petroleum jelly, rinse off the product using cool water, and consult a dermatologist if the discomfort prolongs.