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Beauty Secrets for Face

Ishani Chatterjee Shukla
Your face is the first level of your personal identity! Find out how to keep it young and beautiful, by going through the beauty secrets for face.
Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty. ~ Coco Chanel
No matter who you are on the inside, if your face flaunts rich, glowing skin, and a dazzling smile, it is likely to send across positive vibrations to those who look upon it. So where does all that wisdom about beauty being skin deep and seeking beauty of the soul by looking beyond the face go?
Well, they remain confined to the few deep thinkers and a handful of philosophers who form an insignificant minority of the human society. Intelligentsia has, indeed, been confined to a minority status since the very dawn of civilization!
Beauty is, by no means, something that shouldn't be coveted! Many a philosopher and poet has sung praises glorifying material and physical beauty, besides immortalizing the beauty of the mind and the soul.
Your facial features and skin, along with the hair on your head, together make your face look the way it does. As such, the quality of these directly affects the way you look.
As much as well formed features, porcelain skin, and a luxuriant mane can add to the aesthetic appeal of your face, unhealthy skin that is too dry or too oily with rough, wiry, unmanageable hair, can make even perfect features look unattractive, to say the least!
So how do you make sure your face looks its best at all time? The following segment lays down some useful beauty tips for your face which, when followed, will impart a natural attractiveness to your face and entire persona!

Beauty Secrets for Facial Skin

Make up and cosmetic/corrective surgery can radically change the way you look, but these quickies usually are just that - quickies! While they achieve the desired result in a short span of time, the effects don't last for a very long time either! Natural beauty tips, on the other hand, may take longer to achieve the desired effects, but they last way longer!
Also, since natural remedies take longer and require to be followed on a regular basis, they turn into healthy habits that often end up being followed for the rest of one's life. This proves even more beneficial in the long run.
On that note, here are some natural beauty tips for the face, that will give you rich, smooth, glowing skin, and a complexion that is as clear as a mountain spring!

Give in to Aqua Pura

Get hooked to plain drinking water! By detoxifying the body and flushing out impurities, water imparts a healthy glow to the skin, and reduces the frequency and intensity of skin conditions such as acne, pimples, etc.
It also hydrates the body which is evidenced by soft and supple skin! Besides, drinking lots of water everyday delays the appearance of wrinkles, as it keeps the moisture levels of the skin intact. Oh! Need we tell you that drinking sufficient amounts of water cuts down calories as well?

Three Cheers for the Vitamins!

Not for nothing have vitamins A, C and E been regarded as the anti-aging vitamins since ages! The rich antioxidant effects of vitamin C and vitamin E, as well as the soothing and restorative effects of vitamin A, together combine to form the most potent alliance of beauty secrets for aging skin.
Eat lots of citrus fruits and green, leafy vegetables, to load yourself with vitamin C. Yellow and reddish-orange fruits and dark green vegetables are rich sources of vitamin A, as are dairy and poultry items.
Nuts, cereals, vegetable oils and oilseeds and fish oils are a rich source of vitamin E. Including these foods in your daily diet will make you younger and fitter from within, the effects of which will show on your face, skin, and hair quality.

Beauty Care - The Usual Fare!

No list of beauty guides for the face would be complete without the usual CTM (cleansing-toning-moisturizing, silly!) routine.
Clean your facial skin with a mild soap or a soap-free cleanser, at least twice a day, and splash your face with water every time you come in after an outdoor stint. Deep cleanse your skin at least once a week by steaming your face and exfoliate at least twice a week to get rid of the dead cells and blackheads.
Moisturize your face every time you wash it with soap or a soap-free face wash. During the summer months, you can dab your face with a natural skin toner (such as rose-water) after cleansing during the day, to keep it from becoming oily or sweaty.
If your skin happens to be too greasy, you can use a mild astringent instead of a toner. However, do apply a mild, non-greasy moisturizer when you cleanse your face before calling it a day.
Besides drinking lots of water, prepping up your vitamin intake, and following the CTM routine, you may want to treat facial skin to the goodness of herbal or homemade face masks, made from natural ingredients like sandalwood paste, turmeric, olive oil, honey, egg white, egg yolk, lemon juice, rose-water, glycerin, fresh fruit pulps, cucumber juice, etc.
The most important among all beauty secrets for the face is to quit smoking and cutting down the alcohol intake, as they tend to accelerate the rate of dermal aging by dehydrating your body, and introducing toxins and harmful chemicals into your system.
Although nature may be responsible for making a beautiful face the way it is, it is totally up to you to keep it that way! Follow the mentioned tips and get a healthy, natural beauty, that comes from within, and which has its own class of attraction that's hard to resist.
Top it up with that dazzling smile of yours, and you'll have the whole world eating out of your hands!