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Beauty Recipes Using Food

Buzzle Staff
You don't have to visit the pharmacy every time you want to brighten up your skin. Just visit your pantry!
They say you are what you eat. To some extent, that is true; whatever you eat is processed by your metabolism and used by your body to make everything work how it is supposed to. This is why some people think that eating greasy foods or chocolate will make you break out. If you eat greasy foods, it follows that your skin might become greasy which would cause you to break out. There is research that both proves and disproves this old wives' tale, but did you know that there are some food products that can improve your skin and hair from the outside? You don't even have to eat them to see the wonderful benefits.


Honey has fantastic moisturizing properties, and it is also antibacterial. Most acne is actually caused by bacteria on the skin, so using honey in lieu of an antibacterial soap can be extremely beneficial for your skin because, rather than drying your skin out to rid yourself of problem-causing bacteria, it will moisturize your skin while doing the same. You can mix it with brown sugar, granulated sugar, or sea salt which all have exfoliating properties. Once mixed, rub it gently on your face and rinse it off. Also, honey can smooth out frizzy hair. If you add a tablespoon of it to a liter of water and spritz it on your hair, your flyaways will disappear.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice has long been known for its bleaching properties. If you squeeze some in your hair before sitting out in the sunshine, it will give you natural, beachy highlights that every woman craves. However, if you apply it to hyperpigmentation on your face - those little dots you get from acne sometimes - it can help lighten those, too.
Dab it on, let it sit for 30 minutes up to overnight, and rinse it off with water. You'll see a difference in a few days. If you mix one tablespoon of lemon juice with half a teaspoon of aloe, you can get rid of the grease in your hair. Mix it with your shampoo and rinse it all out as normal.
Greasiness will magically disappear. If you boil chopped lemons with two cups of water until the water has been reduced, you can use the mixture that is left as a natural hairspray.


Vinegar can work wonders on your skin and hair. If you use vinegar instead of conditioner once a month, your hair will shine like it's never shined before. This is because the vinegar strips the products and grease that build up over time out of your hair, leaving it naturally shiny.
You can also use apple cider vinegar as a toner for your skin. Just wipe it on your face and you will see that it exfoliates immediately, leaving your skin beautiful and glowing.

Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil has been said to be a miracle product for skin and hair. Rub it on at night and use a warm, wet rag to steam your face. This will open your pores and, as you rub the rag on your face, will also remove all traces of makeup.
Wash your face and you will notice that your skin feels soft and manageable. You can also use olive oil like a hot oil treatment for your hair. Put it in your hair and leave it for half an hour before you rinse it. Your hair will be moist and beautiful.