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Beauty Gone Too Far

How do you know when the beauty efforts have gone too far?
Mia Morales
Making an effort to be beautiful can take a person down a destructive path. People should ask themselves if it's really worth the monetary expense and lack of self-respect. Some people take their efforts to be beautiful too far.

Why Beauty is so Desirable

Although being beautiful is nearly meaningless to those who know what truly matters, others still may desire it for the wrong reasons. In fact, some people have selfish reasons for wanting to enhance their outer appearance. For one, they may want attention from the opposite sex.
Since the only thing they'll gain is false hopes and dreams, they'll gain nothing of real value. If this is the case, what do they really want? If someone's life lacks true meaning and genuine love, they might search for it in ways they may not realize.

The Plastic Surgery Craze

While some people choose to get plastic surgery done in a healthy manner, others take their quest for beauty too far. In fact, they may even develop an obsession with changing various body parts with multiple surgeries. Further, this may change someone's appearance so excessively that they look like another person.
Sometimes this is apparently the goal, since some people make every effort to look like celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears and Michael Jackson.

How Beauty Can be Destructive

Having excessive plastic surgeries can be harmful to one's health. The body can appear or even be severely mutilated or damaged to the point where it can't be repaired by the most skilled surgeon. This may include a person's facial features, breasts, buttocks or other key areas.
Consequently, breast implant removal may be the best option for someone who has breast implant complications such as capsular contracture or infection.
This procedure should only be recommended by an experienced plastic surgeon. It’s important to be aware of false doctors who pretend to be genuine just to con people out of their money. A person may have taken their efforts to be beautiful too far when they can no longer turn back.

Take Care of Mental Health

Before having any procedure which could potentially be harmful to one's health or well-being, a person should make sure their mental health is in order. In fact, it can be highly beneficial to speak to a trusted therapist beforehand.
Doing so is a safe way to ensure that the person is less likely to make poor decisions about their health. The first step towards progress is when someone admits they have a problem.

What Real Beauty Is

No matter what people may believe, real beauty isn't based off of external appearance. People should be judged by their actions. Real beauty comes from being a genuine person and living by ethical standards.
Achieving false beauty isn't required for people who live meaningful lives. These types of people may volunteer, donate to charity or have careers that help people. The truth is that people who don't care enough about themselves often need spiritual guidance or unconditional love.

Importance of Self-Love

Someone who doesn't love themselves enough may not even know it. Consequently, this may be because they're psychologically damaged, emotionally imbalanced or lacking the unconditional love they need to live a normal life.
If someone loved themselves enough, they probably wouldn't need plastic surgery at all. The best reason to have plastic surgery might be for health reasons or to improve appearance in a healthy way. The fact of the matter is that self-love should come before any thoughts of surgery.