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Home Remedies for Bags Under Eyes

Priya Johnson
Bags under eyes home remedy involves the use of cucumber, tea bags, potatoes, etc. for blotting out the disdainful bags under one's eyes.
Busy schedules and inconsistent sleep habits are two major factors conducing to bags under eyes. A stressful lifestyle, fatigue, illness, aging, allergies, staring at the computer or television all day long, etc. are some of the common reasons, contributing to the development of unwanted bags under the eyes.
Lots of people think bags under the eyes are the same as puffy eyes. However, this is not true! Bags under eyes refer to dark rings or dark circles under eyes, whereas puffy eyes are caused by accumulation of fat or water under the eyes.
Scores of products claiming to keep bags under eyes at bay, are floating around in the market. However, the promises made by these products can burn a hole in one's pocket. Here are some effective home remedies for bags under your eyes that you can resort to, keeping your bank account intact.

Getting Enough Sleep

Well, sleep is not some remedy that you can prepare in a mixing bowl and apply. Get enough sleep to remove bags under the eyes.
Staring all day at the computer or television screen, reading books all day or even just sleeping less can result in bags under the eyes.
Adequate sleep is the first thing one has to look into before looking at any of the other kind of treatment. While sleeping a substance called melatonin is released, which is one of the body's antioxidants. These antioxidants are powerful scavengers, which destroy the harmful free radicals in the body, thereby enabling the body to heal in a natural manner.


The most common remedy for this condition is using raw, chilled cucumbers. Refrigerate thin slices of cucumbers for a few hours. Remove them from the fridge and place them on your eyes.
Relax and allow the cucumbers to work their magic for the next 10-15 minutes. The cooling effect from the cucumbers will tone down the darkness developed under the eyes.


The component catecholase present in potatoes, helps reduce under eye bags. Sprinkle some water over your eyes and place a thin slice of potato disc on each eye. Allow the potato to work on your eyes for 10-15 minutes.
Remove slice of potato and dry off the skin. The catecholase in the potato will temporarily tone down the dark circles under the eyes.

Tea Bags

In one cup of hot water, place two chamomile tea bags. The anti-inflammatory attributes of chamomile tea help reduce the swelling and dark circles. After the water cools down and becomes lukewarm, dunk two cotton balls into the tea water.
Let the cotton balls soak for a minute or two and then place them on your eyes for 15-30 minutes. Make sure the water is not too hot, or else it can scald the eyelids or irritate the eyes. You could even use green, black or white tea bags, however, the other herbal teas are not beneficial in reducing dark circles.

Vitamin E

Rubbing vitamin E oil on your eye bags before going to bed, is also a good home remedy for bags under eyes. If you don't have a bottle of vitamin E oil, just cut the tips of vitamin E capsules and apply the oil present within the capsule under your eyes.
This needs to be followed by massaging and moisturizing the skin as well. Massaging the skin improves blood circulation, thereby giving the skin a healthy appearance. You can apply lotion to moisturize the skin.
Those of us who are under the misconception that bags under eyes are caused by old age, need to break this mindset. Irregular sleep regimens leave your eyes tired and stressed out, causing them to form bags under eyes. So sleep well!