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Effective Ayurvedic Herbs for Hair Growth

Swarali Jambhale
Alopecia is one matter of concern from the well of worries all women have! To solve this issue, Ayurvedic studies have shed some light on the root of the matter and handpicked a few herbs to help bring your hair in its original fettle.
Losing hair every day is a fact that cannot be ignored! Ayurveda believes - hair loss is a sign of imbalance in Pitta caused due to bad eating habits, anxiety or stress. So, along with pitta dosha balancing to metabolize the sensory perceptions and control food digestion; consuming ayurvedic herbs that promote hair growth is of paramount importance.

Amla: The Indian Gooseberry

The most substantial factor responsible for hair fall is the deficiency of vitamin C, and the easiest way to restore it is to consume amla. Rich in antioxidants, amla combats the damage-causing free radicals, keeping the hair and hair follicles healthy.

Ashwagandha: Indian Winter Cherry

Due to the antioxidants it has and the hormone balancing effects it gives, Ashwagandha is commonly used as a hair fall remedy to help curb hair loss. Along with a boost to blood circulation, it also stimulates the melanin production essential for hair growth.

Neem: Indian Lilac Tree

Neem, an evergreen part of the traditional Indian medicine is known for its skin benefits. Moreover, it also contributes its each part to the health benefits of mankind. Applying a paste of boiled neem leaves on the scalp improves blood course and strengthens hair roots. It also helps medicate dandruff, eczema, psoriasis - the reasons for hair loss.
Pior Living Chyawanprash is an all-in-one nutritive jam with medicinal herbs such as amla, ashwagandha and neem worthwhile for hair care. So, consuming 10g of it daily helps improve your hair health. Other than these 3 in Chyawanprash, few more herbs play a significant role in effectively curbing anxiety and stress.

Bhringraj: King of Herbs

Coming from the moist areas of the world - Bhringraj is a known cure for hair woes and skin troubles. In addition to promoting the hair growth, it reverses hair balding and also prevents premature graying. Bhringraj leaves and oil have the same significance in giving a calming effect to the scalp.

Shikakai: Fruit for Hair

Antioxidants in Shikakai restore scalp health, preserve the hair nutrients and thus help reduce hair fall. Shikakai, the rich source of vitamin C promotes hair growth by giving the scalp a collagen boost!

Ayurveda: The All Embracing

Dealing with hair fall is a heedful task! Consistently treating your hair with ayurvedic herbal supplements for 6-8 weeks will help effectively restore your hair to its former glory. So, come back to the golden age of Ayurveda, and start treating your hair with herbs, as chemical solutions are not going to do any good!