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Aromatherapy Recipes for Acne

Mamta Mule
Using aromatherapy recipes for acne and skin infections is a popular remedy. You can try the recipes given here and use them for getting rid of skin problems.
Aromatherapy is known to be effective in curing acne. Aromatherapy oils are extremely potent, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial antiseptic agents. Moreover, you just don't need to worry about side-effects like dryness, as in case of other acne creams. Blending these essential oils effectively for acne cure will give a perfect recipe for getting rid of acne. Here are a few effective aromatherapy recipes for natural acne cure, just check out.

Natural Recipes to Make

Recipe 1

Here is a recipe of clearing mask that you can use to clean your skin twice a week, before going to bed. Take 1 tsp. of clay, 1 drop helichrysum oil, 1 drop of rosemary oil, and 1 tsp. of honey. You can use water instead of honey. Mix all these ingredients in a bowl to form a paste. Apply this mask on your skin and leave it for about 10-15 minutes. Now wash it off with lukewarm water to have a clean and dirt free skin.

Recipe 2

Take 1 drop bergamot essential oil and 2 drops of lemon essential oil. Add them to a wide bowl of hot water and stir for a minute and cover it with a lid. Now drape a towel over your head, keep your face about 10 inches away from water. Now open the lid and hover over this bowl of steaming water for 15 minutes. You can do this every alternate day. Finish by drying your face and applying a toner in order to close the pores.

Recipe 3

For making this recipe you need 8 drops of lavender oil, 4 drops of tea tree oil, 1/2 ounce of jojoba oil, 3 drops cypress oil and 2 drops helichrysum oil. Put lavender oil in a clean dry container. Further add remaining essential oils in it.
Close the container lid. Now mix these oils by shaking the container. This mixture must be applied on each acne spot, but not on your entire face. Dab a cotton swab in this mixture, apply it just on acne spots and blemishes many times a day. Jojoba oil is one of the best aromatherapy carrier oils.

Recipe 4

You will need the following ingredients to make the recipe. 10 drops of lavender oil, 7 drops of tea tree oil, 2 drops of bergamot oil, 1 drops of geranium oil and 1oz. jojoba oil. Mix these well in a small bottle. Close the lid tightly. Shake the bottle before using. You can apply it all over your body except eyes, nostrils and inside ears. This is a good homemade remedy for acne.

Recipe 5

Another recipe can be prepared using 12 drops tea tree oil, 7 drops cedarwood oil, 5 drops geranium oil, 7 drops of lavender oil, and ┬╝ ounce of jojoba oil. Put these oils in a bottle and close the lid. Shake the bottle thoroughly to mix these ingredients. Shake well each time before using the contents. Apply the mixture on acne affected spots regularly. Remember to avoid application over eyes, nostrils, inside the ears and lips.
These aromatherapy recipes for acne cure are known to positively affect acne. Remember that not all essential oils are useful in curing acne.

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Taking steam, applying skin packs and applying the above mentioned recipes regularly will definitely help cure acne and blemishes. Moreover, it will also help in improving your skin texture. So have a gorgeous look with a flawless and radiant skin with these natural remedies.