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Are You Addicted to Makeup?

Malvika Kulur
Women absolutely adore makeup, and why not? It accentuates a woman's features, makes her look glamorous, and protects her skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Presented to you, in this story, are signs of a cosmoholic along with a quiz to find out if you are one of them or not.
I love the confidence that makeup gives me.
― Tyra Banks
Makeup is used for covering up scars, blemishes, uneven skin tones, highlighting features, accentuating the lips, eyes, cheekbones, and so much more. It is like a "fairy godmother", available in tubes and bottles, whose main purpose is to beautify women. 
The list on how makeup is good or bad for women, mentally and physically, is never-ending, as different women have a different take on the subject. Makeup is a very addictive thing, and many women across the world feel the need to be dependent on products to beautify themselves.
Being addicted to makeup is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as the addiction does not become too overbearing for you and others. There are people who have taken this addiction to cosmetics to a new level altogether, by hoarding, buying excessively, etc. Here's a 'Makeup Addict' quiz that you can take to see if you are addicted to makeup or not.

The Makeup Addict Quiz

1. When you go out, do you carry a small makeup pouch with you?
a. Yes
b. Sometimes
c. No
2. How often do you rush to the restroom for a retouch?
a. Frequently
b. Only when the need arises
c. Once I have put my makeup on, I do not redo it
3. When you go shopping for clothes or shoes, do you need to be reminded that you are not in the shop for makeup?
a. Definitely, yes
b. Sometimes
c. No, not really
4. What products do you use on your lips?
a. Primer, lip liner, lipstick, and the lipstick fixer (in short, the whole package)
b. Lip gloss
c. Just plain lip balm
5. When you go out, you ...
a. Always use makeup products
b. Use just the right amount of it
c. Keep your look simple
6. The blush on your cheeks is because of ...
a. A blusher/bronzer
b. A fading spray tan
c. A cute guy
7. Are you the 'agony aunt' or 'beautician' with regards to makeup in your immediate friends' circle?
a. Obviously, since I am the best at using makeup.
b. Occasionally, I do help out.
c. Not really. I can do my own makeup, but when it comes to others, I am bad.
8. Do you give out makeup tips to your friends?
a. Yes, everyone should be educated on how good makeup is for us women!
b. Sometimes, if my friends are looking really weird.
c. Never.
9. If you do not use makeup one day, your friends ...
a. Do not recognize you at all, or ask you if something is wrong with you.
b. Take notice, but say nothing as it isn't so bad.
c. Never notice it all.
10. Would you ever go to a party without makeup?
a. Never!
b. Of course! I've done it before.
c. I never use makeup, 'cause when I dance, it just comes off!
11. When you pack for a sleepover, is it the makeup kit that you first put in your bag?
a. Duh!
b. Clothes, my comforter, and finally, my makeup kit
c. Snacks is what I pack first!
12. Do you get irritated if someone around you has worn a shade of lipstick that does not go with her skin tone?
a. Not knowing the colors that go with your skin tone is a crime!
b. I don't get irritated, but I do feel concerned for the girl.
c. It's their life, so I don't really care much.
13. Do you take quizzes like this often?
a. Whenever I am bored, when there's nothing else to do!
b. Sometimes, I do.
c. May be just for the sake of it.
14. Are you possessive about your makeup kit and products?
a. Yes, I never share or lend my stuff with others.
b. No really. I share it with very close people.
c. I do not mind sharing at all.
15. What is the amount of time you spend on wearing makeup?
a. More than 15 minutes daily
b. 10 to 15 minutes
c. Less than 10 minutes

Check your result here...

If your most of the answers are "a", then you are addicted to Makeup.
If your most of the answers are "b" or "c" , then you care very less about makeup.

Common Signs of Makeup Addiction

The signs of makeup and cosmetic addiction are actually the same. Excessive hoarding, buying, using, blogging, and reading are the basic indicators. Signs indicating that your addiction is going out of hand are:

 Spending till you are broke
 Buying new products even when the older ones are not over
 Getting very sensitive and irritated whenever anyone talks about your makeup products
 Being possessive about your cosmetics, etc.
The repercussions of this addiction are pretty obvious, they are:

 You end up having a lot of debt due to the expensive products.
 Your makeup cabinet looks like a store shelf.
 You end up having multiple jars and tubes of the same products.
Luckily, this addiction is not life-threatening, but it does cause trouble. Men and women all over the world have it in some form or the other. Balancing out your cosmetic needs, curbing the urge to buy a product every time something new is launched in the market, or whenever you are out shopping is the easiest way to overcome this addiction.