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How To Apply Makeup

Buzzle Staff
Applying makeup is a great art. If done the right way, it enhances your personality and highlights your best features. Here are few tips that teach you how to apply make up that will complement your skin tone, skin type, and features perfectly.
Now, getting the same look like that of models on magazine covers and fashion runways is no biggie. Aiming for that dewy and glowing complexion just became easier and an actual possibility with the tips and techniques mentioned here.

Flawless Complexion

It's amazing how no matter how good your clothes maybe, it is your skin that gets noticed first. In fact, someone has rightly said that beautiful skin does not even need jewelry to complement it - it shines even without it.
Once you know the secrets of applying makeup the right way, you can highlight your best features, hide your problem areas, and transform your face into a work of art.

Eye Makeup

They say eyes are the window to our soul. Eyes speak volumes about us, our personality, and our nature. With the right techniques, you can choose to give your eyes a smoky, sultry, or an angelic look or even prep yourself up for a party in the evening!
Choice of Color - The kind of colors you choose for the eyes will determine the entire look. Nude colors like beige, cream, soft brown are great for office and daytime while colors like golden, silver, and bronze are more adventurous and go well for a night out in town.
If you want to add a touch of mystery, try going for a smoky look by opting for colors like black and darker shades of brown.
Apply Makeup - Firstly, you need to apply a thin layer of foundation over your eyelids. Then, apply a bit of concealer under the eyes to camouflage fine lines and wrinkles. Next, apply a coat of eye shadow primer - starting from the eyelash to the eyebrow. This will ensure that the eye makeup sustains for longer. Take three shades of the same color.
Firstly choose the medium color and apply it from your eyelashes till the crease. Then use an eyeliner (darker shade of the same color) to make a line just along your eyelashes. Use the darkest color shade to go over this eyeliner line.
Then, prep the portion above the eye crease with the lightest shade of the color. For the space under the eyebrow, use a shimmery shade of the same color. Finish the look by blending the colors on the eyelid thoroughly to avoid any unsightly lines.

For Acne and Pimples

It's funny how our pimples seem to pop up just when we are getting ready for a party. However, through the art of applying makeup you can hide almost all scars and blemishes most effectively. Here are some tips to get started:
Type of Makeup - Nowadays, you will find plenty of reputed makeup brands producing products with ingredients that actually fight bacteria and diminish acne. Using such brands can help you combat acne and make you look good.
Apply Makeup - For acne-prone areas, you will first need to prep up your face with the help of a foundation. You can choose from stick, liquid, or pancake versions. Make sure to blend in the foundation thoroughly along the hairline and the jaw line.
Then, apply concealer to the areas that are affected with acne. Again, make sure to blend it in well. Finish off the look with a translucent powder. Just dab it on the face and blend it in well.

Makeup with Contact Lenses

If you love wearing make up but use contact lenses, then here are some things you should take care of

• Always wear your contact lenses first and then start to apply your makeup.
• Be as minimalist as possible as a lot of make up can irritate the eyes.
• Use eye makeup that is fragrance-free and oil-free.
• Use a non-oil based mascara which is also waterproof. This will prevent your skin from flaking.
• Be sure to replace old mascara and other outdated make up products with fresh stock every 6 months. This will help prevent any contamination.