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Funky Anime Hairstyles

Have you been watching too much anime these days? And thinking about getting those funky anime hairstyles? Then, use these steps to get such styles...
Pragya T
Anime is very popular throughout the world. If you have a favorite anime series, or have been currently watching an anime, then I am pretty sure you must be impressed by the way the anime characters dress.
One catchy thing about the anime characters is their hairstyles. It can be spiky short with flaming colors like Ichigo from Bleach, or can be really long and keep on swaying when the anime guy is fighting like Inuyasha's white moonlight hair.
Given here, are tips on getting anime hairstyles, that will help you style your hair like an anime character. Read on...

Choose a Character or Style

First of all, pick an anime character. It can be your favorite anime character, or one which can be styled into your own hair. For example, the style needs to be of a length which matches your hair length, so it can be styled into it.
There are many anime characters from which you can consider style. Anime hairstyles for guys can be inspired by L from Death Note, Ichigo from Bleach, Naruto, Kagome from Inuyasha, Sen from Spirited Away, or you can consider drawing a hairstyle of your own.
To create your own anime character with a unique hairstyle, draw a style which has lot of choppy bangs for girls, or lots of spiky hair for guys. Girls can opt for long hair with braids or ponytails with some accessories, and guys can go with some headbands. To add the finishing touch to the style, color your hair in bright wicked colors like electric blue, flaming orange, hot pink, red streaks, deep purple, acid green, etc.

Get Choppy Layers

Before, you start cutting the hair, decide what length do you want? Do you want to go with anime haircuts for medium hair, long hair or short hair? Once you have decided the style, get lots of choppy layers done in your hair, to give the hair the edgy effect. The layered hairstyle should be done in your hair in such a way that they help to create the shape of the hairstyle you have in mind. Once you are done with this, proceed to the next step.

Get Razor Cut

This step is not necessary if you have very fine hair. Only people with thick hair need to go for the step. Getting a razor cut done over your style will add the wispy ends look, which looks good on women. However, for men's hairstyles this step can be skipped, unless you have coarse hair, or a hairstyle which needs soft wispy ends look.

Add More Style

To add more style to your hair, you need to style the hair further. If you have spiky hair styles, then you might need to use a gel wax or an extra hold gel, to hold the spikes in place. Make appropriate sections of hair when doing this step. Female anime hairstyles might be styled curly, for which a curling iron or a curling hair serum can be used.

Color Theme

The last step is to color the hair. If you don't want to color your hair, you can get some clip on color streaks, which go with your style. As coloring your hair for an anime look can be quite damaging for your hair. However, if you are ready to do that then you might want to color your hair.
If your hair is dark, then you might need to pre-bleach your hair. Many people tend to go with the platinum blonde or the bleached white colored hair color ideas. So, you can do this or go ahead with step two of hair coloring.
You can either add streaks of hair color or completely dye your hair into a bright funky anime color. You can even color your hair into two shades for a wicked look.
So, follow the given tips and get your hair done by a stylist for the best results. Tanoshinde kudasai!