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Amazing Makeup Hacks To Help You Get Ready in A Jiffy

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Makeup is fun and useful. It is a woman's secret weapon to feel confident and beautiful.

A lady may not want to apply makeup to look like glamourous models. But may use it to grow stronger and make her heart happy.
Not all are beauty pros. A newb too can try and learn a few easy makeup hacks to speed up daily routine. We have grabbed a few quick hacks that help you perfect your winged eyeliner, or to apply concealer.
Keep reading to find hacks that will make your daily makeup routine a breeze.
Makeup Tips

Save Time
Be Prepared 

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The best way to save time is to get things ready and easily accessible the night before. When you carry out your night skincare routine, make sure you clean your dressing table and keep your makeup and tools in place.
Being organized is half battle won. You don't need to go looking for your eyeliner or brush. All your essentials in one place and properly organized will help you stay calm and apply the perfect makeup within a few minutes.
Reduce redness or discoloration by creating a base for other cosmetics by applying foundation. Then cover up any spots or zits using a concealer.
Always keep in mind to apply foundation using downward strokes. This will help give you a peachy glow once you are done with your makeup.
Perfect the Eyebrows

Now, getting eyebrows in shape is not easy. So, you can try the 3-dot hack. Just apply one dot near the side of the nose, the second goes in line with the pupil, and the third one at the end of the eye.
Join the dots with your eyebrow pencil and get almost perfectly symmetrical and long eyebrows.
Dust The Eyelashes

The easiest trick to get fuller eyelashes is by dusting them with a thin coat of loose powder. Apply the powder after the first coat of mascara. This adds volume to the lashes and makes them look thicker.
You can apply another coat of mascara and it will add a new definition to your eyelashes in seconds.
Use Pencil Eyeliners

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Applying eyeliner is not as easy as it seems. You must hold your hand steady and draw a straight line over a trembling eyelid.
Gel or liquid eyeliner needs a pro to sketch a perfect eyeliner shape. If you are still unsure about your eyeliner skills, you better opt for an eyeliner pen. It gives you a better grip and is quick to apply a straight line over the eyelids.

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Long-Lasting Lipstick

Makeup without lipstick is incomplete. You may like a bold, bright pop of color on your lips or a subtle hue may be your taste. The trick is to keep it long-lasting throughout the day.
Apply a coat of color to your lips. Then press your lips on a tissue to prevent excess color bleeding. Now, dab some translucent powder on your lip. Your lip color will stay bright all day long.
Multi-tasking Products
The best way to finish your makeup in under 10 mins is to use multitasking products. You will find there are many products that can accomplish different feats.
Choose a tinted moisturizer that triples up as a moisturizer, foundation, and SPF protection. You can go for pencils that work fine as eyeliner and lipliner. Choose a lipstick shade that colors your lips and works fine as a blush for your cheeks.
Any lady would like to apply some amount of makeup. Makeup helps her boost her confidence and face the world with her head held high. Beauty may be skin deep, but it makes a whole lot of difference when facing the world.
Do not dread applying makeup. You don't need to be a pro. Just the basic prep will help give you a presentable look for the day within 10 minutes. Just follow these tips and you will be ready for a fun-filled and productive day.