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Aloe Vera Juice for Acne

Quite a different concept than applying the aloe vera gel on the face, many studies have shown that drinking the juice can be beneficial. Read the post for more information.
Sheetal Mandora
Disclaimer: This story is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.
The sticky, yellow substance which is extracted from the leaves is mainly used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. While aloe vera gel helps heal burns, wounds, cuts, scrapes, and tanned skin, it is also used as one of the best acne treatment.

What's the Correlation?

We know that the plant is really beneficial for our health, and not just for skin care. But have you wondered how is that possible? Well, the plant has 3 anti-inflammatory fatty acids that aid in keeping the functionality of our stomach, colon, and small intestine in check.
Any type of digestive illnesses can be prevented due to the juice. Why? Because it can alkalize digestive juices by preventing over-acidity in our stomach.
As far as the benefits of drinking this juice is concerned, similar to the gel, the juice helps to detox our body from the inside. The ingredients present in the juice claim to improve overall blood circulation and detox blood as well. By enlarging the blood vessels, the juice aids in increase of new blood cells.
When the insides of our body is healthy and strong, then only the outside appearance will change or reflect it. If we have poor blood circulation, under a lot of stress, and live an unhealthy lifestyle, no matter how much we try, nothing can work. And all that can show on our face, due to acne.
As a natural acne treatment, the juice helps in unclogging the pores, purify our blood, help decrease any inflammation caused due to acne, and reduce the risk of infection like fungus, bacteria, and staph.

Making the Juice at Home

As a natural and non-toxic acne treatment home remedies, the juice can be prepared right in your own kitchen. If you don't trust the store bought juice, you can prepare the juice. To understand the benefits of the juice, here are the steps you need to follow.
  • First of all, always use fresh gel.
  • Cut the gel fillets from a fresh leaves.
  • It's tough to remove the sap residue from the gel, a good habit is to rinse the gel fillets with equal parts of mild vinegar and water.
  • In a blender, add the gel fillets and 1―2 cups orange juice.
  • Blend properly, for about couple of minutes and pour into a clean container.
  • Take a glass of cold water and add a couple tablespoons of the juice mix.
  • And that's it, all there's left to do is drink the juice. You can add more or less water to enhance the taste.
Those were some benefits of drinking the juice to remove acne and a few steps on how to prepare it at home. Which is why, whether you're using the plant in gel, juice, pills, or any other form, the results are going to be positive. But since we are talking about ingesting the juice, speaking to a Naturopathic physician is always recommended.