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Aloe Vera Gel for Acne Scars

Sonia Nair
Aloe vera is a versatile herb that has various health benefits. This post provides some information about the use of aloe vera for acne scars.
Aloe vera is one of those plants that have been associated with almost all ancient civilizations. It has various uses; and is a popular home remedy for minor burns, scalds and wounds. So aloe vera is also known as the burn plant.
Even today, this herb is used for various purposes, and is a common ingredient in cosmetic products. Aloe vera gel is highly valued for its use in skin care and hair care. It is widely used as a remedy for acne scars.
Acne and acne scars have always been a nagging problem for many, especially, teenagers. While acne subsides on its own, the scars left by this skin condition can be more embarrassing. Acne scars are stubborn and are almost difficult to remove, using medication or skin care products.
Some types of cosmetic surgeries are found to be effective for acne scar removal. However, there are some remedies that may reduce the scars effectively. You might have heard about the use of vitamin E oil for acne scars. Another popular home remedy for such scars is aloe vera gel.

Aloe Vera Gel for Removing Acne Scars

Aloe vera is one of those natural products that are widely used for skin care. Apart from making the skin clear and glowing, aloe vera is also beneficial for reducing acne scars. You can purchase aloe vera gel or juice from any health store; but it is always better to use natural gel, direct from the leaf.
All you have to do is to extract the gel from the leaves, after removing the green skin. You may also squeeze out the jelly from the leaves, but, make sure that the yellow secretion from its skin does not get mixed with the gel. The yellow secretion is not good for the skin.
Studies show that the polysaccharides in aloe vera gel is very effective for skin repair. Topical application of aloe vera is recommended for treating acne scars. Apply the gel on acne, so as to prevent formation of scars.
Pure aloe vera is good for the skin, and is also beneficial for removing acne scars. If you wish to clear acne scars, apply natural aloe vera gel on them, twice daily. All you have to do is to wash the face and pat it dry before applying aloe vera gel.
Let it sit for at least an hour, before rinsing. However, you should not expect immediate results, as natural remedies work gradually. You may also add aloe vera juice to your bath. Apart from acne control, healing and reducing acne scars, aloe vera is also good for making the skin smooth, supple and wrinkle free.
In short, you can always try aloe vera gel for acne scars; but discontinue its use, if you develop allergic reactions. It is always better to use the pure form of aloe gel extracted from the leaves.
Disclaimer: This story is for informational purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.