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Alligator Hair Clips

Pragya T
Alligator hair clips come in different designs, some are used to hold the hair in place, while some can be used to accessorize the hairstyle too.
Alligator clips are not very popular hair clips, compared to hair snap clips or bobby pins, but they are used for many reasons. These hair accessories come in different types. Let us look at the various types of alligator clips, the various ways to use them, and different styles you can create with them.

Metal Type

Alligator hair clips come in many styles, designs, and materials. So, one needs to select the right type of clips according to their use. First of all, let us discuss the different kinds of material these clips come in.
Most of the alligator clips are made of metal, which are of a silver shade. Metal clips are unbreakable clips and form a very good hold on the hair. However, if you use them too close to the scalp, then they can tug at your hair and make it uncomfortable.

Plastic and Cloth Type

Another type are the plastic ones which have become quite popular as hair accessories for women. These hair clips come in all the possible color, some of them also come with some glitter or pattern on them. You can find different kinds of plastic clips in the stores.
They are comfortable to wear, but are breakable. Now, the big long alligator clips are getting popular, which work very good for long or thick hair. You can tie a bun or tie thick hair into a pony using these long big clips. Some of the metal clips come covered in cloth, which makes them look more attractive and comfortable.

Clip Designs

These clips can be as small as 1 inch or as long as 5 inches. Basically you will come across alligator clips with double prong and single prong. The double prong ones give a better hold and have often been used by hair stylist to hold the different hair sections in place, while they work on a certain section of hair.
Mostly the metal ones are used by the stylist. The single prong ones are mostly used by people to hold the hair in place. The single ones can be used similar to bobby pins, to hold the bob or long hair in place. There are clips with teeth and without teeth available in both single and double prong designs.
However, one doesn't have to restrict their style with these simple clips, there are many designs of decorative or jeweled clips available. You can buy these decorative clips at beauty stores, or in a flea market, or find some interesting ones online.

Decorating Tips

To create decorative clips, you will need some basic stuff, which means metal alligator clips which are single pronged. Then you will need quick sticking glue. Children should use adult's help, when handling the quick sticking glue, as this synthetic adhesive can be harmful for skin, if care is not taken it can even glue your fingers together!
Other stuff you will need are colorful buttons, clothed buttons, ribbons, plastic flowers, etc. On the top side of a metal alligator hair clip, apply a bit of hair glue and then quickly place the embellishment of ribbon, flower, or of anything you desire and press it down. Then let it dry and you have your exquisite, beautiful-looking alligator clips ready.
So use the alligator clips the way you would have used a French barrette, and enjoy beautiful-looking hairstyles!