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Age Spots on Skin

Gagan Dhillon
Exposure to sun can cause age spots on the skin, which can be prevented if the skin is properly taken care of. Here's more...
These days, most of the advertisements of skin creams claim that they can help diminish age spots. Ever wondered what exactly age spots or blemishes are? It is a misconception that they are caused by old age. The current environmental problem is not only eating away our ozone layer, but also leaving its mark on our skin in the form of premature spots.


The sun is the main culprit of age spots. In fact, these spots have very little to do with aging. The ultraviolet rays in the sun tan and burn the skin, and overtime, pigmentation occurs and brown spots appear. In some cases, with age, melanin production in the skin increases, as a result of which age spots can appear. Some people refer to them as liver spots, but they are also better known as freckles.
These freckles usually appear in areas that are frequently exposed to the sun, such as the arms, shoulders, hands, and on the face. These spots are often confused for other skin conditions such as skin moles.
A dermatologist can help you identify the problem, as they are brown in color and form flat circles on the skin, though sometimes they appear as red spots as well. They are very small in size and usually appear in a cluster. Freckles on the face are usually more prominent around the eyes.


Skin Lightening Creams

It is not necessary to spend huge amounts of money visiting professional clinics for the removal of these spots. If the spots are light, one can use over-the-counter bleaching products to lighten them, and even some homemade skin lighteners.
You can also camouflage them by using a lotions. Ask the salon attendant about facial peels. A quick fix is a concealer. Just dab a little on the affected area and watch them disappear, temporarily at least.

Professional Treatment

Try to do exfoliation at home, or you can also get a professional exfoliation treatment done. You can also try treatments like microdermabrasion and laser skin rejuvenation. Chemical peels that remove the dead layer of the skin are also available.
The main ingredient in retinoids is vitamin A, which is very good for skin rejuvenation. Treatments like cryotherapy, where a freezing agent like liquid nitrogen is applied on the spots on the skin to destroy the excess pigmentation, are also popular. Skin polisher treatments also help remove these spots.


Natural Remedies

These home remedies are easy to use and very beneficial. Rubbing a freshly cut lemon on the skin twice a day reduces the prominence of these spots, as also rubbing cucumber on the skin can help. You can also try a papaya paste on the skin.
A mixture of vinegar and olive oil can also help lighten them. Applying castor oil on the skin can be greatly beneficial. Also, try applying a mixture of cider vinegar and orange juice on the spots. Some women also apply slices of onion on the affected area.

Face Creams

Regular exfoliation of the skin at home can also help rejuvenate and refresh the skin. Bleach the skin using some fade-away creams, but always use a sunscreen. Try some face whitening creams that act by slowly removing the dead layer of the skin. Alpha hydroxy acid can also help remove age spots.
But, the most effective way to prevent them is to avoid excessive exposure to the sun, especially during the time when the sun is the strongest. Always apply skin creams that contain an effective sunscreen, and the sunscreen should be at least SPF15.
Fairer skin is more prone to age spots, so in summers, wear a hat and don't forget to wear sunglasses to protect the fragile area near the eyes. Also, increase intake of vitamin C and E. Like they say, prevention is better than cure, so take care of your skin when you are going out in the sun.