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Black Hairstyles for Round Faces

Mamta Mule
With trendy black hairstyles for round faces you can give your tresses a fresh and fancy look. After styling your locks in one of these hairdos, you can further play up the finish with hair coloring techniques and hair accessories. So get to know about the best options to style your hair in the following sections.
Black hairdos are known for the trendy and unique touch they impart to your face. There hairstyles are not only favorite among African-American women but also a hit amongst other women. While you plan to opt for one of these, it is important that you choose one that suits your facial features well. It is also essential that you pick a hairstyle that also suits your hair texture. Of course the length of your hair plays the primary part in how a particular hairstyle is going to look.

Black Hairdos for Women With Round Faces

Coiled Locks

This is one of the best black hairstyles for round faces. Your straight, wavy or curly hair can be styled with a curling iron or chemical perming solution so as to give it a tight coiled look. The tight coils or tight curls are amongst the highly popular and simplest of these hairstyles.
The tight coiled look needs the least maintenance and you can also change the style whenever you wish to. Tight coils can be left free with a simple deep 'U' haircut to give it a well-defined shape.
You can add a trendy puff with the front strands by using two clips and leave the rest of the hair free to make this lovely hairstyle look perfectly modish. Tie them into a pony or half pony, the choice is yours!

Two Strand Twists

A two strand twist hairstyle is another hairdo which suits women with round faces. The styling procedure can take a long time, but you are sure to love the final look. The styling procedure of this hairstyle involves forming a number of 1-2 inch sections of hair.
Each section needs to be divided into two sections which are further intertwined from the roots till the ends. This tightly intertwined strand will be coiled around its base and secured with bobby pins.
When you have finished working on this procedure with entire length and density of hair, wear a cap or a silk scarf. Open up the pins after 24 hours to have great looking two strand twists.

Micro Braids

Many opt to get their hair colored before styling them in micro braids. A dual toned look can work extremely well with this hairstyle. As your hair is weaved into tiny braids, the dual toned hair looks fabulous. You can add a center part or don't have a partition at all, both the styles are going to suit your round face. Further choose to leave your micro braids free or tie them up into a simple low pony.

Braids and Spiral Twists

If you're looking for a funky hairstyle that will suit your round face, try this one. Get micro braids done for half the length of your hair, or just till your ears. Now the rest of the length of your hair needs to be styled in spiral curls. While styling your hair in this mix style you can also get your locks colored. Honey blonde or strawberry blonde looks extremely beautiful for this hairdo.
While you style your locks in African-American hairstyles, you can also use hair colors to spice up the look. Even some bold shades like platinum blonde or light golden brown are used by women to glamorize these hairstyles. After styling your tresses in one of the aforementioned hairstyles you can further beautify them with various hair accessories.
Just a few micro braids added to straight hair also look awesome. Using your styling sense, play some mix-n-match, and get set to flaunt a truly unique and beautiful hairstyle!