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Hair Loss Solutions for African-Americans

Gagan Dhillon
Hair loss is a problem that is faced by many people today. African-American hair is especially prone to breakage because of the excessive amount of styling required. This article lists the various causes and treatments for hair loss.
The primary cause of hair loss in African-American women is the way the hair is styled. Other reasons are hereditary, diet, medication, and lifestyle. The best way to treat hair fall is to take preventive action before the situation gets out of hand.


Hairstyles: African-American hairstyles cause hair fall due to breakage. This is because the braids are tightly bound causing stress on the roots and scalp. Hairstyles that pull the hair back tightly are also responsible for receding hairlines.
Products: African-Americans hair needs heavy styling. Therefore, the excessive use of gel, flat irons, etc. causes the hair to become weak. These also make the scalp dirty, as a result the hair follicles get clogged, which leads to hair fall.
Poor Diet: Hair growth depends on what we eat; a healthy diet ensures that there is enough nutrition for it to grow. No amount of external products can make the hair grow. If your diet is rich in junk food and fat, then your tresses are not getting the required nutrition. A good diet is very important.
Health Conditions: At times certain medicines can cause the hair to fall, for example, chemotherapy for cancer patients. Some people have a hereditary predisposition to balding. Side effects of medicines and certain illnesses, like thyroid disease, also lead to hair loss.


The best treatment for African-Americans is to avoid hairstyles that can cause the hair to break. Instead of using chemical-based hair care products, opt for natural products. These products are much gentler and won't dry your hair out.

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Your diet must be rich in nutrition, include some hair growth vitamins in your diet. Drink lots of water, cut down on fat and oily food, and eat a lot of green vegetables. If you are suffering from a health condition, then you can treat hair fall by treating the illness.

Care Tips

Alter your hairstyle every month, and opt for more natural styles where the hair is not bound tightly; this will help you avoid a receding hairline as well. Wash your hair every week and ensure that it is well-moisturized.
You should massage your scalp with olive or coconut oil. Drink loads of water to keep your mane healthy, and also include plenty of protein in your diet.
Avoid shampoos that are detergent based. Protect your hair when you're out in the sun and while sleeping by wearing a scarf. One of the most effective tips is to reduce the use of styling products. Cut down on gels and straighteners. Regular exercise is also a must for healthy tresses.
If all else fails, you can always go to a professional and get hair transplants and other similar treatments. However, natural remedies are the best and most cost-effective treatments.