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African-American Hair Braiding Styles

Kashmira Lad
African-Americans have a beautiful chocolaty skin color that rounds up their sharp, pretty features. You'll find African-American hair braiding styles that I'm sure you'll want to try out, as well as braiding ideas that you can experiment with as well.
African-Americans are commonly pegged by the stereotypical misconception of having wispy, thin hair that is frizzy and puffy. While this isn't true for all African-Americans, there are others that have straight, curly, and wavy hair too.

You can style hair using all kinds of braids depending on the type of hair you have, where tight old-school braids that come in complex, interwoven designs work well for those with wispy hair. No worries, even if you have thick hair of another sort, you can still braid it as you like, whether modern or old-school.

Hair Braiding Styles for African-Americans

Braids are a common sight amongst many African-Americans, where kids too can sport this style with ease. While the process does takes hours to accomplish, it is totally worth it.

When picking out a braided hairstyle, be sure that your hair can withstand the pressure of being set in stiff braids. By that I mean, have a salon stylist inspect your hair for split ends, hair fall, or breakage. The stress laid on hair when it is tightly braided can further worsen any of these problems, where tresses will be left quite damaged once you undo the braids.

For Women

Parted Sideway Braid
Mohawk Updo Pt. 1
Simple Updo
Semi-Cascading Updo
Mohawk Updo Pt. 2
Cropped Updo

For Kids

Embellished Braids
Gathered Braid
Long Cascading Braids
Short Cascading Braids
Pinned Mini Braids
Loose Mini Braids

Off the Runway

Some of the best hairstyles on fashion runways this season have showcased out-the-box renditions of old classics, as well as never-seen-before creations. One such style that is stealing the hearts of women is, the braid. Viewers may think it's easy to style a model's braid, but it isn't. It takes a professional hairstylist to know what he / she is doing, plus tons of hair products to keep it in place. You can do it too! It has been featured on runways by fashion designers like Marchesa, Balmain, Nicole Miller, Jason Wu, Jeremy Scott, Tory Burch, and Kimberly Ovitz.
Choose a design that works for you, where you can easily have it placed securely in a bunched updo, or left loose around your shoulders. Opt for a simple updo when attending a formal affair (as seen in the images above), and leave it open for casual meets.
One-sided updos are an eternal go-to trend among African-Americans, so don't shirk from getting experimental. Braids can be tied up, pinned atop your head, or left cascading depending on how you like it. Kids too can carry off this hairstyle, keeping hair out of their eyes and making it manageable to look after.
The old-school African-American hair braiding styles can be tried by practically anyone who is game enough. While it isn't everyone's cup of tea, other variations of the braid are making a comeback that is uber trendy.