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African-American Children Hairstyles

Debopriya Bose
Hairstyles like dreadlocks and cornrows, synonymous with the African culture, have become very popular with people of all ages across other cultures too. Here are some simple and interesting hairstyles for African-American children, that are not only neat but also stylish.
Children are born carefree and active. When it's fun time, they do not care for anything, even if their clothes get torn, their hands get dirty, or their hair gets messed up. With children becoming a mess by the end of the day, mothers find it very difficult to care and style their hair. The task becomes more challenging for mothers who have to deal with African-American hair, which is naturally coarse and brittle, and gets easily tangled. Fortunately, there are certain hairstyles that would not only give their hair a neat look, but also style it up in a fashionable manner.

Different Hairstyles for African-American Children

  • Braids: The braid hairstyle is one of the most popular and logical hairstyle for young girls, as it gives them the freedom to play without their hair falling on the face. It not only gives a neat appearance, but also prevents hair damage caused due to dust and entangling of the hair.
To braid the hair, divide it into three parts―outer left, middle, and outer right. Take the outer right bunch and lap it over the middle one, so that it becomes the middle bunch, and the middle bunch now becomes the outer right one.
Now, take the outer left bunch and lap it over the middle one, so that it becomes the middle bunch, and the middle bunch becomes the outer left bunch. Repeat these steps till the length of the hair ends.
  • Cornrows: Cornrows maintain a neat sporty reminiscent to a braid, but has a little more style added to it. It can be further pepped up with innovative parting styles, like zig-zag patterns, etc.
  • Partial Cornrows: In this style, the hair is cornrowed from the scalp to a certain length, and the rest of it is either tied up as a ponytail or could be further styled using some hair accessories.
Dreadlocks: With the sort of activities that children keep themselves busy with, giving them a Bob Marley look with dreadlocks might not be very appealing to most parents. However, short dreadlocks suit some faces really well, and looks cute on children.
  • Twists: Though very simple, a few thick twists all over the head, secured with decorative clips, is another good way to give a cute look to your child. It is an easy alternative for elaborate braids.
Style Up that Crop: Cropped hair has always been a hit with active young boys. However, the hair need not be of same length all over the scalp. A crop hairstyle can always be shaped and styled differently. For example, a boxier shape would be perfect for an oval or pear shaped face.
  • Medium Curls: For boys, this is an alternative for a cropped hairstyle. Boys' hair can be kept a little long as compared to that in a cropped hairstyle. However, the hair should be well conditioned to prevent it from getting entangled.
  • Ponytails: This hairstyle is suitable for all lengths and textures, and can be worn by girls of all ages.
The natural curliness of African-American hair gives volume to it, which often looks good on kids. The hair could be grown short in length, and the hair on the front could be pulled back using hairbands. Hair accessories like colorful beads, barrettes, and clips are also good options. Beads of different colors can be used at the end of micro braids or cornrows. Barrettes that come in different colors and great designs can also be used to personalize the hairstyle.

Useful Tips

African-American hair is coarse and dry as compared to Caucasian hair. It is very fragile and breaks easily if a proper comb is not used. A regular hair care regime using correct hair care products can ensure healthy hair. The following tips can help take good care of your angel's tresses.
  • Use a wide toothed comb. Natural boar brushes are great for this kind of hair.
  • A moisturizing conditioner is good for the hair.
  • Using natural oils can be helpful to moisturize the hair.
  • Use elastic bands instead of rubber bands to tie the hair.
Like every hairstyle has its own ethnicity, African hairstyle has its own peculiarities too. Everything depends on proper hair care and a little effort that can give your child enviable dreadlocks or a very stylish cornrow hairstyle.