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African-American Braided Mohawks

Amruta Gaikwad
Mohawk hair styles are one of a kind. Associated with the Mohawks, this unique style of hair, came to be adapted by many different countries. The hair style suits all types of people and leaves enough scope to experiment more. Here are some Afro-American braided Mohawks that you might like.
Since its existence from thousand years, Mohawk hair style is popular among the many teenagers and rock singers. It is regarded as one of the punk hairstyle, which best suits the unruly and rough look. Mohawks come in many styles, but it also allows the scope of creating a personalized style too.
With the power of giving a different look and a meaning, many rap and rock singers are sporting this style. This hairstyle is sure to stand out among the crowd and make heads turn. So, before selecting this hairstyle, let me give you a picture of how the style is likely to look on the wearer.
A Mohawk is a narrow strip that runs through the center of the scalp from forehead to the nape. The hair is shaved from either side of the head. The central strip can have many variations such as it could be long, medium or short.
One can even make different styles out of the central strip of hair. Some of the well -known Mohawk styles are dreadlocks, fanhawk, frohawk and cornrows. Among these, frohawk is sported by many Afro-Americans to sport the punk or hip hop style.
Mohawk hairstyle, though preferred by both men and women, are hard to create. A lot of patience and time can lead to a great style and a fabulous look.

Few Versions

Creating braids are never easy and require good skills to create one. However, work well with the hair textures of the Afro-Americans, which brings in many types and designs in them. Let's take a look at a few.

Regular Braided Mohawk

If you don't want to get into the complex patterns of creating braided Mohawk, this style might just be the right one for you. Either clean shave the sides of the head, leaving a thick strip of hair in the center or turn it into cornrows.
However, shaving will save more time and you will still get the desired look. In case you choose to shave the hair that fall on the side of the head, braiding the strip of hair is easy. Silky or curly hair, use a suitable hair gel or oil to keep it stable during the process of styling.
Mohawk can be given different styles such as, you can keep it straight or use curling iron or hot rollers to create a more bouncy look.
There is lot of precision and skill involved in making cornrows. Divide hair in three sections, including the strip for the Mohawk. To begin making cornrows, divide one side of the hair into small sections and begin braiding your keeping it close to the scalp.
Continue braiding till you reach the center of the head. Follow the same procedure on the other side of the head. Once, you finish making cornrows on either side of the head, tie it with rubber band to avoid it from interfering while making a Mohawk.
To make the Mohawk look captivating, apply a strong gel at the root of the hair and spread it in the upward direction. Leave the tips of the hair in the original form, turning it into a curl-hawk look.

Faux Hawk

Short hair, sport this type very well. It requires less time and yet looks very stylish. It even looks great without shaving the sides of the head. To start making this Mohawk, partition the hair into three sections.
Apply gel in the downward direction on either side of the hair, so that they stay well throughout the day and support the Mohawk well. Women can tie little ponytails or crimp the hair, while men can use gel to gather the central hair strip in the upward direction to make a Mohawk.


An Afro hawk is among the provocative styles that many Afro-American crave to have. It could be achieved by making cornrows at the side of the head, or just by cutting the hair short. Gather a thick strip to achieve the Afro hawk look.
Divide the strip into several small sections, sufficient to make multiple braids from it. Use hair gel and oil to manage the hair. To make the style more charismatic, apply some gel on the braids pointing upwards. This particular Mohawk would require lot of efforts, but it looks just very stunning on the wearer.
They are extremely difficult to create, but these Mohawks can bring a twist in your look. Braids always look chic and can be achieved through twisting and coiling the hair. Mohawks work with all hair types and makes the wearer look striking.