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Information About Dead Sea Salt

Khushnuma Irani
Heard so much about Dead Sea salt products, but don't know what they are all about? Here is some information about dead sea salt to help you with your selection.
The wonders of the Dead Sea have been discovered some 2000 odd years ago. Flavius, the popular Jewish Roman historian said something about how this sea cannot be praised enough and how travelers in the region take as much of this salt they are able to because of its miraculous healing and medicinal powers.
Drop in at any beauty salon or go shopping for beauty products and the most common thing you will find or the most talked about product you will find is Dead Sea salt products. People from all over the world know about the benefits and wonders of this salt.

More about Dead Sea Salt

Salt extracted from the Dead Sea is known for its therapeutic and beautifying use. Do not mistake it for any other regular use. It has a variety of minerals, which are in concentration. Think about this: Regular salt has 90% sodium, whereas this has only 10% sodium and 90% minerals. Some of the minerals in it are magnesium, potassium, bromine and calcium.
Even if it is good for health, this salt is not at all edible since it tastes very bitter due to its low sodium content and high mineral content. The minerals are same minerals as those in our skin. After a particular age minerals in our skin start getting depleted, resulting in dry, wrinkled and dull skin. This is where Dead Sea Salt comes into picture.
Products made from dead sea salt nourish the skin and provide necessary minerals the skin is deprived of. These products give back to the skin its health and vitality. So, if you don't mind making a trip to the Dead Sea, all you have to do is jump right in. It doesn't matter if you can't swim because the salt content is so high that it is impossible to sink.


So, walk in to the mall and ask for Dead Sea products and out will come everything like facial creams, mud, clay packs, scrubs, body butter and a whole variety of bath products especially the ever popular Dead Sea bath salts.
While looking for dead sea salt products, check for 'Made in Israel' or 'Made in Jordan' on the labels, as these are the only 2 countries that have access to Dead Sea. Avoid products having parabens and sodium laurel sulfate in them as they are anything but natural. Presence of ingredients such as aloe vera, green tea, ginseng and vitamins are a good sign.

Advantages of Dead Sea Bath Salts

Indulging in bath products easily available due to the imports from Israel is an ideal way of benefiting from these salts until you take a dip in the Dead Sea. They come in varied fragrances, colors or with essential oils for the real therapeutic effect. A tub full of salt treats Psoriasis and Eczema (avoid scented products for these skin issues) well.
These bath salts cure skin troubles and help to relieve the tension in muscles. Other than that they are great for rejuvenation of the body. The minerals present in them help in pore tightening as well, as this adds to the vitality and youth of the skin. A soak in dead sea bath salts is great to alleviate pain and aches in the body.
If a trip to Israel seems impossible, worry not, just go on to the Internet, search for some Dead Sea Bath products and order them online. Once it arrives, draw a bath, light some aromatic candles and play some soothing music and experience rejuvenation at its best.