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Everything You Should Know About Acrylic Nail Polish

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Acrylic nail polish makes your nails look classy and immaculate. It is particularly meant for those who wear artificial acrylic nails.
Long, shapely nails are on the wish list of every woman who cares about the beauty of her hands. However, not everyone is able to grow long nails or maintain them.
Soft and brittle nails cause one to feel frustrated, as they break easily. Maintaining them is challenging, especially if your lifestyle forces you to use your hands for numerous things.
For women who find it impossible to grow their nails, acrylic versions are a blessing. You can paint them in attractive colors with the help of acrylic nail polish, which is especially meant for false nails. Let us look at some options that you can choose while buying these nail colors.


Acrylic nail polish was originally made from enamel. Dry enamel acid is mixed with alcohol to produce this nail polish. Tiny fibers or resin pieces float in the enamel mixture, where a special solvent evaporates, thereby curing the resin through oxidation.
A tough, flexible fiber-based color is left behind as a result of the chemical reaction. Enamel-based acrylic nail polish has given rise to certain environmental concerns due to the hazardous nature of enamel. Moreover, enamel-based ones are a bit tough to get off your nails.


Water-based acrylic nail polish was formulated in 2003, due to the environment threats caused by enamel-based ones. The water-based formula is called acrylic polymer emulsion.
Similar to the enamel version, it also contains tiny pieces of resin, which are suspended freely in the water solution. When applied on acrylic nails, some amount of water evaporates, whereas the remaining part gets absorbed by the fingernail.
As a result, a strong polish is left behind due to the fusion of the resin pieces. Water-based polish dries faster and is easier to remove, as it peels off completely.


Although you can get it done at the salon or a nail bar, you might end up spending a lot more than you intended to. Also, it is a time-consuming process to sit through at a salon. You can paint your acrylic nails by yourself.
● Remove old nail polish from your acrylic nails. Always use an acetone-free nail polish remover to do the job.
● Then, file the edges of your nails with a nailfile. Because the nail polish remover might make your acrylic nails rough and sticky, it is important to buff them. Using a 4-sided nail buffer, start working on the rough sides to smoothen them.
● Apply nail polish in the same manner as you would on natural nails. There is no need for a base coat, as acrylic nails hold polish comparatively better.
Complete the first coat in three strokes for each nail. Apply a second coat, once the first coat dries completely. Although the paint is less likely to chip from acrylic nails, you can apply a top coat to seal it and add shine.


Since you are most likely to get your first acrylic nail job done at a salon, the nail expert will recommend a brand by studying your nails. Ideally, you should stick to a brand that you start with. Currently, Avon, OPI, and Sally Hansen are some leading brands that deal in acrylic nail polish.
Acrylic nail polish may be slightly more expensive than a regular one. However, it is a sure shot method to ensure the beauty and health of your nails.