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Acne Prone Sensitive Skin

Rimlee Bhuyan
If you are plagued by acne prone sensitive skin, then you are not alone. Many people suffer from this skin condition, and are trying to find the right cure for it. Some effective ways of treating acne prone skin is to wash your face regularly, avoid spicy foods and apply mild cleansers.
Knowing your skin type is essential to make an informed decision about a proper skin regime suitable for your skin type. There are five basic skin types. They are dry skin, oily skin, normal skin, sensitive skin and combination skin. Skin is made up of three layers; the dermis, epidermis and the subcutaneous tissue.
Epidermis, the outermost layer of the skin, contains a pigment melanin, responsible for the color of the skin. The type of skin we have is determined by its texture and how much oil is produced by the skin. Oily skin is characterized by enlarged dilated pores, shiny skin, dull complexion and tends to break out into acne.
People with sensitive skin tend to have a very fine textured skin which is prone to acne, rosacea, and allergies due to changes in climate and temperature. Acne can also be a cause of certain intrinsic factors like extreme stress, fatigue, irregular menstrual cycle and external factors like some kind of medication, pollution, sun's rays and unsuitable cosmetics.

Causes of Acne Prone Skin

  • The main cause of acne is hormonal changes. Hormonal imbalance in women during menstruation leads to the outbreak of acne. Stress and insufficient sleep also causes hormonal imbalance in the body which leads to acne breakout.
  • Certain skin care products and make up can clog the pores of the skin. This leads to an increase in the amount of oil produced by the sebaceous glands, resulting in acne and blackheads.
  • Diet also plays an important role in the way our skin behaves. A diet rich in sugar, oil and refined hydrogenated fats can also be a cause of acne.
  • Harsh cleansers & scrubs can worsen acne. Scrubs which have very rough abrasive particles can strip the skin of oil, thereby damaging the outer layer of skin & resulting in over production of oil-causing pimples.
  • Lack of proper hygiene is also one of the reasons of acne. Try not to touch your face frequently with your hands, as bacteria causing germs are present in your skin, leading to acne breakout. Avoid pricking and squeezing the acne, as it leads to infection and serious scarring.

Natural Remedies for Acne Prone Skin

Some home remedies for curing acne are as follows:
  • Apply a paste made of orange zest mixed with little yogurt. It is a very good remedy for acne.
  • You can make a paste of honey mixed with little cinnamon powder, and apply this mixture on your pimples at night. Wash with some lukewarm water in the morning to see the results.
  • Apply a mask of raw grated potatoes on your skin, and let it remain for 15-20 minutes. After it has dried partially rub your face in gentle circular motion with little water.
  • Tea tree oil is very effective against acne. Combine tea tree oil with some rose water and apply on the affected area. With regular use, you can get rid of acne.
  • Make a concoction of raw grated turmeric with mint juice. Apply this on the acne prone area, and allow it to remain for half an hour. Wash off with some lukewarm water.
  • Rubbing a slice of tomato on the skin not only helps in getting rid of acne, but also tightens the skin by reducing the appearance of pores.
  • Soak some fenugreek seeds in water, and make it into a smooth paste. Apply this paste on your skin overnight and see your acne disappear.

Best Skin Care and Makeup for Acne Prone Skin

Finding an effective skin care product for acne prone skin can be an intimidating task. The basic thing to remember is that you should always keep your skin care program simple and uncomplicated. Never try too many skin products at once, or your skin will be overloaded leading to a breakout.
The best face wash for acne prone skin is the one which contains a mild cleansing agent and ingredients like salicylic acid, glycolic acid, titanium dioxide and retinol.
You should wash your face regularly with such cleansers but take care not to overdo it. Ideally you should wash your face 3 - 4 times a day, but avoid excessive washing, as it can lead to overproduction of oil. Use a gel-based cleanser instead of a cream-based one, as a cream-based cleanser is not suitable for acne prone skin.
The best foundation for acne prone sensitive skin is non-comodogenic, oil free foundation. You can also use natural mineral makeup, as it is light and does not clog skin pores. Mineral makeup is made by finely grinding minerals and blending it with zinc oxide, titanium oxide and natural botanical extracts.
It is beneficial to the skin as it has antiaging and anti-inflammatory properties. Mineral makeup has very little or no artificial preservatives and colors making it an ideal choice for people with acne prone skin.
Never go to bed without removing your makeup and always be careful while using scrubs and lotions. Be gentle to your skin, and you will be blessed with a pimple-free and glowing skin.