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Achieving Your Best Hair

Paisley Hansen
Finding the right style for you can be challenging. Sifting through countless magazine photos and salon albums is something that can take a lot of time, and unless you have a very vivid imagination, it is easy to get frustrated trying to picture yourself with every haircut that you see.

Face Shape

There are many reasons to determine the natural shape of your face, and finding a good haircut is definitely one of them. The process is as simple as looking in the mirror and taking note of your most prominent features. For example, if you have a wide chin then you can consider your shape square.

Stage of Life

The guidelines that we used to feel obligated to follow no longer apply, you can choose how you want to appear now more than ever. If you are concerned that you might be trying too hard to relive the glory days know that you can look contemporary but not too young. In fact, suggested haircuts for women over 40 are also sought after by younger women.


Busy woman is most often a frenzied woman, so anything that requires a lot of maintenance is probably not the best bet. Simple options as natural waves or curls, close crops and blunt cuts will demand least time. Benefits to simpler cuts include spending less money on styling products and fewer accessories.


If you have curly hair, humidity is not your friend. Women with natural curls often find themselves battling the moist air with ponytails, braids and lots of taming products. If you would rather not have to tote heavy duty gels or forever wear your hair in a puffy bun, the best thing that you can do is to get a cut that works with your hair.


Unless you have attended beauty school, you're probably like most of the females, not an expert in the hair department. If you're concerned with the state of your mane and would like to make it your trademark you can go for just any style and try different options that suit your desired look or mood.