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Hairstyles That Totally Ruled the '80s

Kashmira Lad
80s' hairstyles were huge, colorful and even mildly funny at times. Many pop stars and movie idols popularized these hairdos and fashion trends. Crazy fans followed their idols blindly, and didn't mind experimenting with their hair in order to create a style statement.

For Men

Jheri curl was one of the most popular hairstyles of the entire decade. This curly look was very much in vogue and most Afro-Americans sported it with great élan. However after Michael Jackson popularized it, this style is much favored even today.
The mullet was another rage amongst youngsters. It was distinguishable because it was short on the sides and long at the back. Mullet was one such hairstyle for men, which was even worn at work. The famous musician, Lionel Richie was known for his Jheri curl mullet.
Slicked-back hair, similar to Elvis Presley's hairstyle, was also common amongst the men of the 80s. It was also called the Pompadour, or often termed as the 'wet look'.

For Women

Ponytails tied in various ways highlighted the fashion for women of that decade. Hair was pulled to one side, and was tightly tied with the help of a lot of hairspray.
Big hair continued to remain as one of the style statements in the 80s. This was not a completely new trend as the beehive look was already in vogue in the 70s. Big was beautiful hairstyles in the 80s, and this was further popularized by rock groups such as Bon Jovi and Guns N' Roses.
The hair in such cases was teased a bit, and fluffed up. This was done with the help of a mousse which also had glitter or sparkle added to it, to get a wild and wacky look.
80s also saw quite a few bursts of colors in the hair. Frizzy hair with shades of red and gold were dominant in that decade. Spiky punk hair was also seen in the fashion circuit. It was the early 80s that saw mohawks rise in its popularity.
Use of hair sprays and hair dryers helped to add more body to the hair. Hair was usually worn long.
Hilarious, weird or even cute, the 80s was a glorious period altogether! Although, one can never know, a few years down the line, some of the hairstyles being flaunted today, might be considered weird by the future generation!