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6 Ways to Keep Your Skin Safe

Finnegan Pierson
Your skin protects you from a number of unseen threats. It's important to keep your skin healthy, which means you need to keep it clean, free of wounds, moisturized and free of burns to help preserve it and enable it to do its job of keeping out harmful germs from the body. Let's explore some of the ways you can keep skin safe.

Protection from the Sun

It's good to get a daily amount of sun to produce vitamin D and receive other benefits, but too much sun isn't good for the skin. Depending upon the amount of melanin a person produces, sunburns can happen in a relatively short amount of time.
Small amounts of sun on a daily basis can create a natural defense against the sun's rays and help protect the skin.

Winter Time Dryness

Using lotion after showers can help to protect from dryness, but it's well worth the time to use extra methods of moisturization to protect the skin from chaffing. This affects the skin's integrity, which can expose the body to a number of germs. When you put lotion on chafed skin, it can sting. This is a huge problem for smaller kids.

Natural Skin Replenishment

Humidity is important for the skin. This is especially true during the colder months and during the night when the body repairs itself. A humidifier can provide an additional amount of moisture in the air within the home. You can also boil a pot of water or place a pot of water on a pot belly stove.


At some point, many teenagers experience acne. Adults can get acne too for a variety of reasons. Old advice said that people should get rid of all of the sebum on their face to avoid pimples, but this can exacerbate acne. Adequate hydration, good skincare using gentle face cleansers and moisturizers can help to prevent and treat pimples.

Cuts and Infections

Infections can get bad if they're not properly dealt with. People can develop scars from cuts and other injuries where the skin is broken. You might have wondered what the difference between a hypertrophic scar vs keloid. This is caused by an excessive production of collagen while the skin is healing, but it continues to grow even after the wound is healed.

Choose Clothes as per the Season

You might consider how clothing can help protect skin too. Rain ponchos, jackets, socks, pants, scarves, hats and other pieces of clothing can protect you from cold rain, vicious wind and other types of weather that can pose a threat to your skin. Take time to love your skin daily, and it will take care of you.