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6 Steps to Improve Your Skin

Richard Clayton
While people used to cover up all their skin with heavy makeup, we’ve started to get past that. Now, it’s more important that you can show off your natural skin. Because of this, many people struggle to make their skin the best it can be.
We constantly see pictures of people with smooth, glowing skin and wonder how they do it. It might come easily for some, but most people will agree that achieving perfect skin seems next to impossible. To help improve the look of your skin, follow these six steps.

Change Your Diet

You already know how important your diet can be. We most often think of our diets when we think about our body weight, but it makes so much more of an impact than that. The food you eat good be showing up on your skin.
Foods that can be bad for your skin are typically most of the foods that are bad for your health overall. Some of the foods that are thought to cause breakouts include foods that contain high amounts of sugar and gluten.
Dairy products, especially those high in sugar and treated with hormones can also cause acne. Certain food, like salt, caffeine, and alcohol can dry skin out and possibly lead to skin aging prematurely.

Limit Sun Exposure

All summer, you might look forward to sitting out in the sun to get a few shades darker. For most people, they might think a tan helps make their skin look better and healthier. You might enjoy getting a little toasted, but this can be terrible for your skin down the line.
The damage that sun exposure can have on your skin is well-known, but many people still choose to ignore it. Not protecting your skin from ultraviolet rays can damage your skin cells, leading to wrinkles and sunspots.
More seriously, this can also cause skin cancer. By staying out of the sun and using sunscreen every day, you can help your skin look smooth longer.

Get Enough Sleep

For many, it can be hard to find the time to get a full night of sleep. Even if you have the time, you might be thinking about so many things it can be too hard to relax enough to fall asleep. Not getting enough sleep can leave you feeling exhausted and cranky the next day, but it can also be taking a toll on your skin.
Your body needs rest to be able to heal itself, which includes your skin. Not getting this time can start to cause your skin to wrinkle and sag, so you’ll look just as tired as you feel.
As most people have already experienced, this will also leave you with dark circles and bags under the eyes. A cosmetic treatment like Juvederm can also help you look well-rested.

Be Sure you’re Washing your Face Enough

If you wear makeup, at some point you’ve probably fallen asleep before taking any off. The next morning, you might have woken up with a new breakout or skin that didn’t look as healthy. You might wash it off almost every night, but are you sure you’re washing your face enough?
At night, you want to be sure that you’re washing away all the dirt, oil, and makeup from the day. During the night, your skin could also be touching dirt and oil from your pillowcase and your hair, so you also want to wash it in the morning.

Use the Right Moisturizer

One of the most important parts of your skincare routine should be making sure your face is getting moisturized. People with oily skin might not think that they’re able to use a moisturizer. Oily skin could actually be producing the extra oil to make up for a lack of moisture.
The truth is that there’s a moisturizer for everyone. People with oily skin might want to choose something like a gel that will be lighter on skin. On the other hand, those with dry skin should look for a heavier moisturizer.

Start Exfoliating

Even if you are washing your face regularly, that might not be enough to remove everything. A face wash can get dirt and oil off the top, but it can’t do much more than that.
To remove dead skin cells and help make skin cleaner and brighter, add an exfoliator to your routine. When you exfoliate the dead layer of skin off, you’re also making to easier for your other products to do their job.