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5 Tips for Getting Rid of Face Wrinkles

Paisley Hansen
Everyone has a few laugh lines, but that doesn't mean we have to be happy about it. There are many lifestyle choices you can make to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. If you've got more wrinkles and you'd like to get rid of them, here are a few tips worth trying.

Face Mask

A soothing face mask can do wonders to smooth away wrinkles. Just apply it all over, let it work its magic, and then wash off gently. There are different kinds of face masks, and if you're hoping to reduce the wrinkles, a moisturizing and skin tightening face mask will probably fit the bill.
You don't have to go out and buy an expensive concoction, there are plenty of home remedies for face wrinkles that you can whip up with ingredients from your kitchen. Be careful about what you put on your skin, and watch out for any ingredients you might be allergic to. That advice applies for both store bought and homemade face masks.


Moisturize regularly to keep your skin fresh and youthful. It might take a while to find the moisturizer that works best for you. To maximize the likelihood that you'll be able to mind the right moisturizer type, figure out what kind of skin you have. That will help you know what moisturizer will be best for you, and how much to use.


Sunscreen is very important in the fight against face wrinkles. Always wear sunscreen when you're spending any amount of time in the sun. Sun damage can be much worse than just wrinkles. Many moisturizers have some UV protection built in, so keep that in mind when you're on the hunt for just the right skincare regimen.


You might not think of it right away, thinking of skin care, but diet can play a huge role in reducing wrinkles and helping keep your skin healthy and glowing. Make sure you're eating well and getting all the minerals you need. Vitamins A, C and E, among others, are key to keeping your skin looking fresh and smooth.

The Spa Treatment

Occasional trips to the spa can do wonders for your skin. You can also arrange for your own stay at home spa day, with pampering and massage. Regular spa days can help reduce stress, which is another thing that can contribute to the creation of wrinkles and can be bad for your skin, among other health problems that stress creates.
Remember you don't need to completely eliminate your wrinkles to be beautiful. Wrinkles are a natural part of life, and don't to be ashamed of them. There's no reason not to take care of your skin, and not to pamper yourself, and if that includes reducing the appearance of wrinkles, there are many ways to do that.