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5 Reasons to Use Primer

Paisley Hansen
You may find yourself asking if you really need all the steps you've become accustomed to. Is primer, for example, really all that important? Here are a few reasons why you shouldn't skip primer, especially if you're wearing makeup on a daily or near-daily basis.

Skin Protection

While many foundations contain some level of SPF to protect your skin from sun damage, makeup itself can also be incredibly hard on your skin. It gets into your pores and if you have sensitive skin, it can leave you red and irritated under your fresh new look. Primers act as a layer between your skin and your makeup, protecting your skin from your makeup.
Whatever your skin type is, you can find a primer that pairs with it. There are primers for combo skin, dry skin, oily skin and sensitive skin, and that means you won't have to compromise on the look or quality of your foundation in order to protect your skin from an unpleasant reaction.

Smooth Application

When a painter is preparing a canvas, he applies layers of paint to create a smooth surface to work on. Primer works the same way. It sits on your skin and the makeup sits on the primer, to ensure smooth application and prevent your makeup from getting caught in the cracks and pores of skin.

Less Product

Primers are designed to help makeup stick. The difference between using and not using primer is astonishing. It might take time to get used to using so much less product on your skin. By using less product, you can save money and see your favorite blushes, eye shadows, foundations last longer.

Longer Lasting

As well as getting longer use from your makeup, the looks that you apply will last longer as well. Instead of fading by lunchtime, your makeup will stay on point all day long. Primer protects your skin from makeup, yes, but it also protects your makeup from the skin oils and sweat that would otherwise undermine it and make a reapplication necessary.

Easy Removal

Since makeup is applied to the primer it's easier to get out of your pores. Makeup removal is an essential part of skincare regimen, and any product that makes that task easier is a product worth your time. Primer can make the tedious business of washing makeup off in the evening a bit easier.
While primer may not seem like an essential part of your makeup and skincare routine, it can make many other steps easier. From application to maintenance to removal, primer is an addition to your makeup regimen that proves its worth over and over again.