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5 Easy Steps for Better Hair

Mia Morales
Does anyone not want beautiful hair? When your hair feels and looks good, the benefits go beyond the superficial. At its best, healthy hair is a supreme confidence booster and one of the top sources of compliments a human can possess. At the very least, healthy hair gives a busy person one less thing to worry about.

Wash With High Quality Ingredients

While low-cost shampoos and conditioners will get the job done if you’re on a budget, to unleash your mane’s true potential, invest in high quality products. You don’t need a vanity full of bottles, but higher end shampoos, conditioners, aloe vera gelly for hair, and styling products will unlock shinier, better smelling, and more lustrous locks.

Get it Wet and Hot as Little as Possible

Most of us wash our hair with hot water and blow it dry with hot air, don’t we? The sad conundrum of this routine is how bad both of these things are for your hair. Water and heat are not your hair’s friends, but they are necessary for cleaning and styling. It’s recommended that you wash your hair 1-3 times a week.

Speed Up the Blow-Out and Cool Down

The longer your hair is exposed to blowing heat from a hair-dryer, the more likely it is to get frizzy or brittle or develop split ends. It’s also not great for your scalp or electric bill. Comb out your hair as you dry it to cover as much surface area as possible at once.

Drying Hacks

Some of this information may have scared you off using a blow-dryer. Even if not, it’s good to alternate drying methods in between blow-outs. Lots of people have found success washing their hair at night and letting it dry naturally. Does that sound like a big wet mess? Try tying two loose braids to minimize dripping while letting the hair breathe.

Homemade Hair Masks

Professionals recommend applying a hair mask once a week to build fuller volume. You can make one that will work well with two common household ingredients: eggs and beer.
Pour out 50ml of beer and add an egg yolk to it. Mix and spread it on your damp hair, wrap it up in a plastic shower cap or bag, and let it sit for 30 minutes before rinsing normally.