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Epic 1970s Hairstyles

Sheetal Mandora
The 1970s hairstyles was all about attitude and maintaining a natural look. If you want to recreate any of the 70s hairstyles, here are some tips and tricks you can try to complete your seventies look.
The 1970s hairstyles were considered groovy and retro, and was typically worn longer by both men and women. It was the time of straight hair look which meant hard work, as there were no straightening irons available. So, the next best thing was - regular cloth irons.
Though the concept sounds a bit weird, many women would style their hair this way as there weren't many hair accessories to choose from. While women had their own hairstyles to worry about, let's not forget the men. Back in the day, even men's hairstyles were wild but fabulous. The length of the hairstyles were a bit longer than their ears and jawlines.

1970s Women's Hairstyles

The best thing about these hairstyles was that they didn't take a lot of your time and weren't high maintenance. So when you're on-the-go, but would still keep your expressive style in-check, go with the 1970s shag hairstyles, or something with a little extra oomph.

Afro Hairstyle

The Afro hairstyle was an African-American origin but quickly became popular among all ethnicity. For this iconic hairstyle, you need to grow your hair out and have a professional stylist braid your hair to achieve the frizzy look.
The complete look of this hairdo would have a feel of frizzy, round, and ball-like shape, that is high above the head. You might remember hip hop artist Beyoncé Knowles pulling this 70's look off in the movie Austin Powers in Goldmember.

Feathered Look

Also known as the "Farrah Fawcett" style, this hairstyle was most sought after because of her role in Charlie's Angels. To get this style, you have to cut your hair till shoulder length with lots of layers in the back and front. Straighten your hair in the front with a straightening iron and blow it back up with the help of a curling iron to get the feathered look.

Shaggy Hairdo

No matter what your hair length is, the shag hairstyle would suit anyone. With many different options like shaggy bob, medium and long shag, and wavy shag hairstyle that has lots of uneven layers.
The secret to get this look is to keep uneven, choppy, and sharpened ends. With the addition of color and blown out straight hair, you can revive the fashion. Celebrities like Jessica Biel and Taylor Momsen have really revolutionized the most favorite hairstyles for women.

1970s Men's Hairstyles

The Seventies are back in style with its retro fashion and Saturday Night Fever trends. It is finding the punk fashion and flaring hair as their new style inspiration. Let's check out some of the awesome hairstyles that guarantee to make some heads turn.

Long and Luscious

We've seen this hairstyle make a comeback on catwalks and movies. Long, wavy hair gives a new trendy look to the boring locks. To get this style, ask your hairstylist to cut your hair in long layers and textures.
At home, once you have shampooed your hair, apply anti-frizz serum, and run your fingers through your hair to disentangle them. Don't use a blow dryer on your hair, let it dry naturally. Many celebrities like Johnny Depp, Joe Nichols, and Antonio Banderas are flashing this hairstyle time and again.

Pompadour Hairdo

Only one name comes to mind when we think of this hairstyle and that is John Travolta. His slicked pompadour hairstyle is still considered as the most classic style. This haircut was originally popularized by Elvis Presley in the late 60's, but was also a trademark look for James Dean, Johnny Cash, Emile Hirsch, and many more.
To perfect this hairstyle, use generous amounts of pomade after washing your hair. As you use the comb backwards, you can part your hair in the middle. Lift the hair from the front by pulling the hair and it will take the shape of a wedge.

Buzz Out

The buzz cut has always been in style with Brad Pitt donning the hairdo in many Hollywood movies. This hairstyle was popular among the punk stars and was widely followed by men and women.
All you need for this look is a good clippers and you're all set. Some celebrities that are fans of this hairstyle for men are Ice Cube, Wentworth Miller, Channing Tatum, and Jamie Fox. The buzzed cut doesn't need any maintenance or styling gels and sprays.
It's always a good time to bring the 70s style back in fashion when you're going to a theme party or simply in the mood to reinvent yourself. These legendary hairstyles will always stay super-chic for decades. Visit a professional stylist and seek his/her advice on which hairstyle would appear "groovy" on you.