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1920s' Makeup Ideas for That Perfect Retro Look

Rimlee Bhuyan
Different decades have different makeup trends and styles, the 1920s brought about a new revolution in makeup, hairstyle and fashion.
The 1920s' style of makeup was symbolized with a face full of foundation, blood red lips, and dark smoky eyes. The hairstyles were short and boyish with wavy side fringes, achieved with the liberal use of curling tongs. The 1920s' makeup trends has made a comeback and was seen on all the major runways this season. Here's a guide to get that jazzy look.

How to Do 1920s' Style Makeup

During 1920s, face makeup was very pale as a result of liberal use of powder. You can achieve this look, although a little toned down, to create a creamy, even complexion.
First choose a foundation, which is two tones lighter than your natural skin color. Apply the foundation with the help of a sponge and make sure that you cover the neck area too.
Now set the foundation by applying a layer of translucent loose powder over it. Do not use a bronzer or a shimmer to darken your cheekbones, the idea is to achieve a very pale almost ethereal look.
Women of 1920s preferred a rosy blush or rouge, as it was called during those times. Powder blush was the popular rouge and it was applied to the apples of the cheeks without much blending.
Red and orange were the most popular hues in blushers. To recreate the look you need a dusky rose or deep plum colored blusher. You can use cream and powder blushes or cheek stains. Just apply the blusher on the apples of your cheeks and then blend it in a circular motion.

Eye Makeup

1920s' eye makeup was dramatic and dark, and was symbolized by the application of lot of kohl and black or gray eyeshadow. Learning how to create smoky eyes is the biggest beauty trick.
First apply a cream based concealer on your eyelids with your ring finger. Do not rub in the concealer, just dab gently with your finger. Apply only a cream based concealer and not a powder based one, since a cream concealer will allow the eyeshadow to stick to it.
Using a flat tipped brush, apply a light or medium hued shadow on your brow bone and crease. Press the eyeshadow gently into the concealer. Now using a darker hue gray or black, apply the eyeshadow over the entire lid, taking care not to go over the crease of the eyelid.
With the help of a rounded eye shadow brush, apply some more dark eyeshadow with a back and forth motion, starting from the inner corner of your eye and moving towards the outer corner. Another popular fashion during those times was thin rounded eyebrows.

Lip Makeup

During the 1920s, women used very dark and bold colors on their lips like ruby red, deep maroons, and orange. Lips were made to look very plump and pouty by lining them with lip liner.
To achieve this look you need a very bright red lipstick and lip liner. Apply a concealer all around your lip area. Now using a lip liner start drawing a line from the top corner of your lips creating a bow shape. Exaggerate the lower lips to make it look more full.
Now apply the red lipstick. If you want a matte look, apply translucent powder over your lips and reapply the lipstick. This will make the lipstick last longer. If you want a glossy, shiny look, apply a lip gloss over the lipstick.
These makeup styles were characterized by very dramatic and bold use of colors. We hope you got a fair idea of how to create the retro look. The 1920s' makeup looks great with soft flowing curls and a flapper dress.